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Thank you for visiting the Steeplegate Neighborhood website.  This site is a project of the Steeplegate Property Owners Association (SPOA) and managed by current Board members.  Our efforts to share information is important as we seek to make our community a great place to live.
Residents are encouraged to visit the site often to find helpful information about the neighborhood including a resident directory, current and past newsletters, and annual financial statements of the Association.  These documents are password protected and require a site login.  They are only available to current Steeplegate  property owners.  If you are visiting the site to learn more about the Steeplegate Neighborhood, we welcome you to look around in the public sections of the website.
If you have a question for the Board of Directors of the Steeplegate Property Owners Association, please click on Contact Us and submit your inquiry to the appropriate Board member.  Our neighborhood is unlike any other in the area and we hope you enjoy your visit.
Danny Phillips
SPOA President, 2021
Neighborhood News

Dues Payment:
Click on the page titled Dues Payment to find details of how annual Association dues are managed in Steeplegate and where to send payments.

Help Us Build Our Site:
We are looking for any photos that you have of the neighborhood that you think would benefit this website.  Especially photos of the early stages of Steeplegate including groundbreaking photos.  Also, any information that you have for the History link would be greatly appreciated.  Please use the Contact Us page to send the Board a note.

Steeplegate mailbox repairs are done by Chris Gallimore, cell:  336-884-6364.  
 **Updated: January 2021**

New complete box: wood, metal mail box, metal signs, does not include new post: $475
New complete box plus new installed post: $535
New wood box (outer shell) only:  $210
New wood box and new metal mail box:  $230
New metal signs address & SPOA Logo, two sides): $105
New metal address signs, two sides: $80
Stop sign with chain:  $25
Paint mailbox:  $35

Street Light Outage:  Do you have a streetlight near your home that is out?  Please check your streetlight and if it is damaged or has a blown bulb, please contact Duke Energy directly (use the service number on the back of your bill) or notify them of your street light issue via their website.  It is better if property owners near the light in question contact Duke Energy directly so that the closest, exact address can be given.  Repairs to streetlights are covered by Duke's contract wtih the City of Trinity.  Please ensure your light is working - for safety, security and peace of mind.
Pick up after your pets:
  Please be considerate of your neighbors and carry a bag on your walks and pick up after your dogs.  I know those of you who work on having a beautiful lawn would appreciate not having gifts to pick up when mowing!  Right-of-ways on undeveloped lots should not be considered 'free space' for this - those areas have to be mowed weekly by the SPOA Landscaping contractor.
Corner Areas:  If your property contains a corner landscaped bed at the street intersections, please be reminded that the upkeep and maintenance of corner areas are the responsibility of the property owner.  Letters will be going out in August to property owners who have corner areas in need of some attention.  The SPOA can have the area cleaned and trimmed by the contract landscaper at the property owner's expense.
Fishing in the Neighborhood: Residents are reminded that fishing along the dam on Waterford Drive is only allowed in the 'common' space between the two signs.  If you are beyond the signs fishing, you are on private property which would require permission from respective landowners to access.  Other common space is along the guardrail on Cameron Court and Lake Cameron.  All other lakes in the neighborhood are private property and require permission.  Also note, you as a property owner can escort/host a group to fish in the common areas but you cannot give 'permission' to fish to individuals.  This of course does not apply if you as a lake-front owner allow individuals on your property but given the numerous people out fishing recently at Cameron Court and Waterford Drive, the BOD has gotten several complaints and questions.  As an owner, feel free to stop, ask those fishing if they live in the neighborhood and if not, they should not be using Association resources, i.e. fishing in the lakes we fund the maintenance on.


Safety News
Safety & Security Issues:
If you experience any security problems in the neighborhood, you are asked to contact the Randolph County Sheriff's Department for assistance.  Kindly notify the Board via email or through the Contact Us page so the incident can be tracked.  This includes reckless driving of ATV's/golf carts and GEM cars by juveniles which continues to be an issue in the neighborhood.


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