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Steve Greene - Board Member 2017 - President

My wife Connie and I have lived in the community since October 2003 and are committed to making our neighborhood one that is safe and enjoyable as well as beautiful.  Please feel free contact me if you feel that I may be of assistance.
Danny Phillips - Board Member 2017 - Vice-President
Kelly Patterson - Board Member 2017 - Special Committee Chair - Lake Health
I have been a resident of Steeplegate since 2005 with my husband of 26 years, Brent.  I have previously served on the board and am honored to do so again.  I love this neighborhood and hope to maintain its integrity for many years to come and look forward to working with the other board members.

Brad Malpass - Board Member 2017 - Grounds Committee Member

Bobby Hales - Board Member 2017 - Architectural Compliance Committee Chair
My wife and two children moved into Steeplegate in August of 2014 after living in Archdale for 10 years. We have many friends here and are happy to help at anytime. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about making improvements to your home.
Larry Rast - Board Member 2017 - Grounds Committee Chair
I have been a resident of Steeplegate for about 22 years.   My wife Joyce and I were the 10th residents to build a home and have enjoyed living here.   In July of this year, I retired and was asked to fill a position on the board due to someone's resignation, after which  I was asked to assume the chair of the grounds committee for the coming year.  It is my hope that I meet and exceed all the expectations associated with this responsibility and that Steeplegate will continue to be one of the premier neighborhoods in which to live. 



Chris Apple - Board Member 2017 - Safety and Security Chair
Monica Underwood - Board Member 2017 - Communications Chair, Architectural Committee Member
Our family has been a part of the neighborhood since 2004.  My husband (Edwin) and I, along with our two daughters, enjoy Steeplegate and our Trinity community.  I grew up in Thomasville and I’m a real estate agent helping buyers & sellers in the High Point/Thomasville/Trinity/Archdale areas.  This is my first time serving on the board and I look forward to contributing to the neighborhood in this capacity.  I’m thankful for the opportunity and please contact me with questions or concerns.


Beth Coggin - Board Member 2017 -  Special Committee Chair - Neighborhood Watch Program
My husband and I have lived in Steeplegate since 2009. I previously served on the board and look forward to having the opportunity to lead the neighborhood watch committee with focus on keeping the neighborhood safe. Please feel free to contact me if I can assist with any safety issues or concerns.

TJ and Margie Gottwalt - Welcoming Committee Members 2017

Margie and I live on Canter Drive and we have been in the neighborhood for several years.  Please reach out to me if you are aware of new neighbors moving into Steeplegate so they can be welcomed and made aware of the information on the Steeplegate website.