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Danny Phillips - Board Member 2019- President (Term 2018-2020)
My wife(Kathy) and I have been living in the neighborhood since February of 2010. We love living in Steeplegate and I was honored to serve on the board. My goal will always be to make sure our neighborhood is a safe, well manicured, and enjoyable place to live. If I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to call me!
Larry Rast - Board Member 2019 - Vice President (Term 2017-2019)
Grounds Committee Chair
Resident of Steeplegate since 1994, my wife Joyce, and I built the 10th house in the neighborhood. I retired from the textile / chemical industry in 2015.  We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  My passions are traveling, gardening, golf, hunting and fishing.  We are proud to call Steeplegate our home and because of that, I volunteered to serve on the grounds committee.  It is my desire for every resident to be equally proud to call Steeplegate their home.  Because of this, it is my objective to maintain a high level of beauty for all SPOA properties.  Any feed back from residents is appreciated.
Jeremy Suits - Board Member 2019 - (Term 2017-2019)
Special Committee Chair - Lake Health
My wife Paula and I have been Steeplegate residents since in 2004. We are natives of Thomasville/Trinity and enjoy the neighborhood and surrounding community immensely. After serving on the Lake Committee for several years, I joined the SPOA Board in 2017 and currently Chair the Lake Committee. I look forward to your input on how we may improve our neighborhood lakes, ponds and waterways.


Jeff Karpovich - Board Member 2019 - (Term 2019-2021)
My family and I are relatively new to Steeplegate. By relative I mean we’re just moving in (from HP) but we have been visiting numerous friends here for nearly a decade. When we lived in Colorado I served on the Architectural Control Committee of our 655 single-family- home HOA. Subsequently I was elected their first resident president. I’ve been a landlord for three decades and once ran a home repair business so I’m well-versed in exterior home décor/landscaping and hope to put my experience to use in Steeplegate. Looking forward to working with you on your exterior/grounds improvement projects.
Matt Thompson-Board Member 2019 -(Term 2019-2020)
Architectural Committee Member



Jessica Poole - Board Member 2019 - (Term 2018-2020)
Safety and Security Chair
My husband Chris and I moved to the neighborhood in late 2016. I have a special interest in the safety and security of our neighborhood and want to do all I can to make our neighborhood a safe place to live. I have been a police officer for over 14 years and hope to use the experience I have gained to help me in my position as Safety and Security Chair. Please contact me if you have any safety concerns about the neighborhood. I think Steeplegate is a wonderful place to live and I look forward to serving on the board.
Monica Underwood - Board Member 2019- (Term 2017-2019)
Communications Chair, Architectural Committee Member
Our family has been a part of the neighborhood since 2004.  My husband (Edwin) and I, along with our two daughters, enjoy Steeplegate and our Trinity community.  I grew up in Thomasville and I’m a real estate agent helping buyers & sellers in the High Point/Thomasville/Trinity/Archdale areas.  This is my first time serving on the board and I look forward to contributing to the neighborhood in this capacity.  I’m thankful for the opportunity and please contact me with questions or concerns.


Linda Roney - Board Member 2019 - (Term 2018-2020)
Architectural Committee Chair and Lake Committee Member

Bob, my husband, and I built a home in Steeplegate in 2007 at the corner of Steeplegate and Chapsworth Dr.  We are most recognizable by our two shelties, Hershey & Candy, in the back yard.  We moved here from Sedgefield Lakes in Greensboro where I served on the HOA there, including the Lakes Committee.  I look forward to serving on the Board and working hard to preserve our beautiful community.

Brad Malpass - Board Member 2019 - (Term 2019-2021)
Grounds Committee Member

Jennifer Barron- Welcoming Committee
My husband Nathan and I moved into Steeplegate in August of 2018! I am a stay-at-home mom to 22 month old twins- Chase and Lilly. Nathan is a pilot for American Airlines and the NC Air Guard. I look forward to meeting everyone and “Welcoming” all of our newest residents! Please let me know of anyone moving into our neighborhood.